Junior Membership

A new Junior Membership category has been created by the OBU especially for boys and girls who leave TAS before finishing their senior schooling but want to keep in touch with their old school and classmates.

Junior Membership is open to past students of the School who have attended for at least one (1) year, but do not intend, or are unable or unlikely, to complete their secondary education at TAS. For example, this includes girls when they leave Junior School, or a senior boy whose family is relocating overseas.

Junior Members get sent a copy of Binghi and information about school events and reunions, but are not eligible to hold any office in the OBU or attend a meeting of the OBU. Junior Membership ceases when the member reaches 25 years of age, or applies for Ordinary Membership.

To apply for Junior Membership, please express your interest below and we will get back to you.


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