If TAS was a person, “he’d be a really great bloke”: Peter Fitzsimons

Columnist Peter Fitzsimon wrote this hilarious account of the participation of TAS Old Boys in the 2014 GPS Gold Challenge in the SMH, 10 October 2014

Devil of a time for TAS

Last Saturday at Riverview, 700 old bastards with an average age of 50 gathered to compete in the GPS Gold Challenge – essentially GPS old boys competing as in days of yore, and gore, in everything from rugby to rowing, indoor cricket, basketball, footy, athletics, tennis, and much more. Six ambulances and the Zambucks were kept busy till well after sundown, and they ran out of ice – not for keeping the drinks cold, but for ice packs on the hundreds of tender hamstrings. Big winners on the day were the old boys of The Armidale School who won – wait for it – The Rugby Trophy! It was an extremely popular win. In the words of one participant, “TAS is like your country cousin that most of the family has long forgotten. Then you catch up for a few beers in the corner at your sister’s wedding and you realise he is a really great bloke.” At the dinner, the win for TAS was greeted with a partial standing ovation, by as many participants who could still stand, In response the TAS captain gloried most particularly in their win over the Old Boys of one school in particular. “Like most of you we were always smashed by Joeys and felt they were at least five years older than us. Today we slaughtered Joeys and realised we were right. They ARE at least five years older!”

(The TAS captain was David ‘DJ’ Thompson, ’76-’81)